29 March, 2013

Choma Museum Art Gallery Electronic Newsletter 3

29 March 2013

The Choma Museum e-mail address is: chomamuseum@gmail.com. Mail to that address will be read by Mwimanji Chellah, executive director of the CMCC. Peggy Himoonde is in charge of the Art Gallery. For information about the forthcoming CM Art Gallery exhibitions you may also contact Bert Witkamp at zfactor@zamtel.zm. He also is the editor of this newsletter. The newsletter is published at the  Choma Museum Art Gallery website chomamuseumartgallery.weebly.com. It is small but keeps you updated as to what is happening in the gallery. And, of course, on the ZamArt Blog.
The exhibition was taken down end of February. It was the first time in a long time that the CMCC Art Gallery had put up a regular art exhibition. A number of organizational issues had to be put into place particularly as regards adequate staff attendance. No visitor records were kept. Sales amounted to about Kr 10,000 of which the institution retained its commission of 25%. The exhibition, all in all, was reasonable successful though it highlighted several issues needing improvement.

3         CURRENT EXHIBITION: WOMEN IN ART – art by or about women
Women at Work. Kalubi. Acrylic painting, 1991.
The exhibition as scheduled opened March 2nd and shall run till the end of May 2013. On display again is a mix of fine art and applied art or crafts – one advantage being that also visitors with little money can spend some. The number of recorded visitors to date is about 200 – a number that should rise in the future. This time the exhibition had been announced by the Lusaka Lowdown. The gallery should consider opening a face book page; something many art organisations in the region already have done. The exhibition was also published by this electronic newsletter, on the Art Gallery website and the Zamfactor website. Publicity therefore was much better than at the previous exhibition. Another improvement is the labelling which now is neatly printed and the introduction of the visitors’ record.

Nachisungu II. Lutanda, linocut, 1993.
The exhibition itself has a large variety of interesting work to show, in time ranging from the seventies to early this year; from first generation post Independence Zambian artists as Henry Tayali, David Chibwe, Patrick Mweemba, Stephen Kappata, Kalubi and Fackson Kulya to recent residents like Barbara Lechner; from crafts people dipping into the fine arts like Esnart Han’goma Mweemba to well established full time artists like Agnes Mbuya Yombwe, Lutanda Mwamba and Bert Witkamp. In addition to fine art you can also see beautiful jewelry and batiks as well as practical textiles by a Pemba women’s club or plastic baskets and hats made of recycled material by local Keep Choma Clean supporter. And of course, there is the permanent display of work by the Kalcho water colour artists.


Preparations continue for this major exhibition scheduled for 8 June-September 2013. On display: drawings (ink or pencil) and prints of Zambian artists and artists working in Zambia. With work by: David Chibwe, Fakson Kulya, William Miko, Lutanda Mwamba, Bert Witkamp, Patrick Mweemba, Esnart Meeemba, Cynthia Zukas, Agnes Yombwe, Jonathan Leya, Benjamin Mibenge, Henry Tayali, Aquila Simpasse and Godfrey Setti. Others interested may still join by contacting us by e-mail or phone. Work on display will be submitted by artists and private collections. Major concerns at the present: fund raising for opening, catalogue and other operating expenses, timely publicity, and inclusion in the list of places to visit during the UN TWO conference.


It is time to come up with a Practical Plan for the Choma Museum Art Gallery; a plan that has vision, is feasible, inspired and inspiring, of this time and age, puts the gallery on solid economic ground, and of course: MAKES ART WORK. Any ideas?

Note: You are welcome to notify art events for posting on the Choma Museum Art Gallery website or ZamArt Blog by using the e-mail addresses above.

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