File initiated: 15 February 2011
Last update : 16 February 2011

In this page are outlined ZamArtBlog policies.


1.1  The Comment Settings of ZamArtBlog are set such that anybody can submit a comment, without going through the word recognition bit. This setting has the danger of attracting spam and other undesirable or malicious entries. To off-set this danger the "comment moderation" option has been activated. This allows the blog administrator to block or edit incoming comment. The editing shall be limited to condensing submitted information, or abbreviation (by omitting part of the text), or to limit publication to a quotation. The administrator shall, within reason, communicate with the submitter when submissions are strongly abbreviated or edited otherwise.

2.2   The Blog administrator has the right to quote from a submitted comment, even if the comment itself has not been published, or been published in an edited form. The author of the quoted text or other information shall be named, if such is possible.

2.3   It is the responsibility of the submitter of a comment that copyright laws and regulations, when applicable, are respected and adhered to. The author or source of quotations and other information not made by the author of the comment should be stated and acknowledged. 


2.1  Anybody is free to submit for publication a post on a subject that is relavant to Zambian art. Publication of the submitted post is at the discretion of the blog administrator.

2.2  Submitted posts may be subject to editing including abbreviation. The administrator shall communicate with the author of the submission in case of editing beyond the cosmetic (meaning correction of spelling errors or lay out adjustments) prior to publication, and publication of an edited text shall only be after the contributor has consented.

2.3  The blog administrator shall freely quote from submissions, stating the author, even if the submission itself can not be publicised in full.

2.4  Submissions for posts must clearly state the author. The content of the post shall reflect opinions and views of the author and the author only.

2.5  Submissions having "borrowed content" (pictures or text or any other information not made by the author) must state the source of such information and ensure that copyright laws and regulations (if applicable) have been respected and adhered to.