20 November, 2012

Invitation Choma Museum 2012 X-mass Exhibition

Below the invitation by e-mail as processed by Blogger.
to the opening of the 2012 X-MASS EXHIBITION


Mr Flexon Mizinga
Executive Secretary of the National Museums Board
shall open the exhibition

The Choma Museum and Crafts Centre Trust Ltd.

Saturday, 1 December 2012 @ 11.00 hrs

The exhibition runs from 1 December 2012 through January 2013


Malambo Women’s Club, Agnes Mbuya Yombwe, Esnart Han’goma Mweemba, Sylvia Mwando, Kalcho water colour artists, Nchimunya Mweemba Witkamp, Eva Middleton, Simon Chungu, Bert Witkamp, Lawrence Yombwe, Jonathan Leya, Peter Gustavus, Patrick Mweemba, Waiwai Art Gallery, Tazimani Crafts Centre, Chisungu Graphics, Zam­factor Ltd, Shazula Cultural Forum, Dream Graphics.

Exhibition realised by the Choma Museum, Zamfactor Ltd. & Dream Graphics
Inquiries: zfactor@zamtel.zm

08 November, 2012


The preparations for the 2012 X-mass exhibition at the Choma Museum and Crafts Centre Trust Ltd. are well under way. The exhibition is scheduled to open Saturday December 1st at 12.30. On display shall be art, applied art & crafts of or in the Southern Province of Zambia. An excellent opportunity to see what the province has to offer artistically & get your X-mass gifts sorted out!

Participating artists and organisations to date are, in random order:
 Eva Middleton                          – water colours     
          & Kalcho artists                        - water colours     
          Jonathan Leya                          - graphics, T-shirts
          Patrick Mweemba                      – graphics and sculpture
          Esnart Han’goma Mweemba        – jewelry and Tonga crafts
          Nchimunya Mweemba Witkamp   – batik and tie & dye
          Peter Gustavus                         - water colours
          Bert Witkamp                           - graphics, drawings
          Simon Chungu                          - textile collage
          Agnes Mbuya                            - graphics, paintings
          Laurence Yombwe                     - painting
          Malambo Women’s Club             - textiles
          Sylvia Mwando                          - painting

Plan is to make the opening a genuinely pleasant event with plenty drinks, snacks & ample time for social interaction. And, of course, for those wanting to do so, purchase excellent X-mass gifts of the Southern Province of Zambia!

The exhibition presents not only an opportunity for the artists and their organisations or companies to showcase themselves; it also once again puts the Art Gallery of the CMCC in the limelight. The Gallery, now some 20 years in existence, at numerous occasions has presented and promoted the arts and crafts of the Southern Province of Zambia. Jonathan Leya, now as in the past, shall help in designing and mounting the exhibition. Bert Witkamp, founding and former Director of the CMCC, coordinates the event on behalf of the participating artists and artisans. Peggy Himoonde coordinates on behalf of the Choma Museum under the watchful eye of its E.D., Mwimanji Chellah.

The exhibition is important for the CMCC – usually simply called the Choma Museum. The Museum is in dire need of an inspiring boost now that its strategic importance as a provincial cultural institution has been elevated by the promotion of Choma to be(come) the provincial headquarters. This turn of events opens up unexpected possibilities of a new future for the institution.

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