12 December, 2012

Choma Museum X-mass Art & Crafts Exhibition (1)

The 2012 X-mass exhibition of Arts and Crafts of the Southern Province of Zambia opened December 1st around noon. Director Mwimanji Chellah spoke the welcoming words, artist/organiser Bert Witkamp recounted how the exhibition came into being and Flexon Mizinga, Executive Secretary of the National Museums Board of Zambia officiated.

Photo 1. The Choma Museum Art Gallery.
It has been some time since the Choma Museum hosted an art exhibition of national interest. Bert Witkamp took the initiative for this one and found fellow artists of the Southern Province willing to support and contribute. Agnes and Lawrence Yombwe, Sylvia Mwambo, Simon Chungu and Patrick Mweemba all submitted work. So did the Kalcho group of watercolour artists, which includes nationally know Eva Middleton. In addition crafts and applied art were on display created by Agnes Yombwe (earrings and bangles), Nchimunya Mweemba Witkamp (batiks and tie & dye), Tazimani Crafts Centre (traditional crafts of the Southern Province), Esnart Han'goma Mweemba (jewelry) and the Malambo Women’s Club (textiles).

Photo 2. Tazimani stand of traditional crafts.

The exhibition not only showcases the artists, artisans and their work; it also once more puts the Choma Museum and Crafts Centre Trust Ltd. in the limelight. The strategic importance of the CMCC, as Mr Mizinga observed, has increased now that Choma has been designated as the provincial headquarters of the Southern province.

Photo 3. Kalcho artists and stand.
On display are a large variety of objects ranging from the practical to the decorative or perhaps, for some, the incomprehensible. The latter qualification  might be applied to some art works. The opening, however, did amply provide for direct interaction between viewers and artists; and this gave rise to some lively discussions.

Photo 3. Batiks by Nchimunya Mweemba.

The exhibition underscores the importance of the Southern Province in the visual arts, applied arts and crafts. It also, for the occasion, allows the visitor to purchase extraordinary X-mass gifts.

Photo 4. Jewelry by Agnes Yombwe

The exhibition runs through December 2012 and January 2013. The Choma Museum is open daily from 0.900 to 17.00 hrs.

Sequel to this post is about the artists and the art work on display.

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