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There is not much in print about Zambian modern visual art, apart from news items in newspapers. The latter may include feature articles that are worth including in the bibliography below.

BIBLIOGRAPHY of Books and Articles on Zambian Art

Deregowski, J.B.
          1971.  Pictorial Art in Zambia. In: African Arts, Vol. 4, no 2:37-8, 80.
          The author argues that there is not much in the way of Zambian pictorial art.

Ellison, Gabriel
2004.  Art in Zambia. Lusaka, Bookworld Publishers.
This book is the only book with a broad coverage of the subject. Addresses broad non-specialist audience. Produced by the Zambia National Visual Arts Council, beautifully laid out by Graphicam (the company of Andrew Macromalis). Written by one of Zambia’s prominent artists, with extensive support of the VAC Book Project Committee.

Jules-Rosette, B.
          1977.  The Potters and the Painters: Art by and about Women in Urban Africa. In: Studies in the Anthropology of Visual Communication, Vol. 4, no2: 112-27.
          1979a. Images of Modernity in Popular African Painting. (unpublished paper).
          1979b. Art and Ideology: The Communicative Significance od some Urban Art Forms in Africa. In: Semiotica, Vol. 28, no 1 & 2: 1-29.

Mubitana, A.K.
          1974.  Pictorial Arts in Zambia. In: African Arts, Vol 7, no 2: 80-1.
          Mubitana was the first Zambian director of the Livingstone Museum. His article is a response to Deregowski (1971).
          1975.  Pictorial Arts in Zambia (a propos). In African Arts, Vol 8, no 1: 83-4.
          More response to Deregowski (1971).
SPECIAL Catalogues
Lechwe Trust
          2000.   Exhibition catalogue, Lusaka National Museum, 21st September – 29th October 2000.
          Provides some information about the Lechwe Trust and overview of activities supported by the Trust.
          2004.   Lechwe Trust Collection.
Lists artists of the Trust’s portfolio with brief description, and itemizes their collected works and illustrates some with photographs. Well designed booklet.

Lusaka National Museum
2001.     Lusaka National Museum Art Catalogue.
Well designed illustrated catalogue with interesting text by Dr Francis B. Musonda (at the time Executive Secretary of the National Museums Board).