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This page contains lists of Zambian:
1.   Artists
2.   Art collectors and collections
3.   Art consultants
4.   Art exhibition designers and graphic artists
5.   Art galleries
6.   Art journalists and writers
7.   Art organisations
8.   Art services
9.   Art schools, courses and workshops
10.   Museums (having art related activities)
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Presently there are two publications that have extended lists of Zambian artists and artists having worked seriously in Zambia, including samples of their work.
These publications are:
·         Art in Zambia, by Gabriel Ellison and published by Bookworld in 2004.
·         Lechwe Trust Collection,  2005. This booklet has a list of artists of which the Trust has works in collection, with brief descriptions of the artists and photographic illustrations of works collected.
In addition a number of artists associated with the Insaka International Workshop and Rockston Studio (woodlands, Lusaka) have profiles published on websites. These sites are:

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Artists with submitted profile which can be accessed on this Blog:

We shall here use the word gallery to designate a location dedicated to the continuous display of art. Galleries may or may not have art for sale. They usually do. The Galleries below are listed in chronological order of their establishment.

Anglo American Art Centre Gallery. Opened 1967, closed 1972. Was main venue of art display during its time.
Mpapa Art Gallery. Dates. Located at Rhodes Park, Lusaka. Played a crucial role in the promotion of Zambian art. Key organisers were Ruth Bush and Cynthia Zukas.
Henri Tayali Art Gallery. Opened 1995. Managed by the Zambia Visual Art Council, located at the Show grounds, Lusaka. Active gallery with variety of exhibitions.
Choma Museum and Crafts Centre Art Gallery. Located at Choma. Innovative, sometimes spectacular exhibitions during 1995 -2005.  Since then very low keyed but still in existence.
Rockston Studio. The gallery is part of the Rockson enterprise and mostly exhibits work of Rosckston affiliated artists. Located at Woodlands, Lusaka.
WIKO’s Gallery. Located at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka. Excellent location for promotion of Zambian art, professionally managed with good choice of art and artists on display.
Chizungu Art Gallery. Opened in 2011 and part of the Tazimani Handi-crafts Centre. Managed by Patrick Mweemba, himself an artist. The crafts section is managed by his wife, Esnart Hangoma Mweemba. Located 14 km out of Choma on the Great North road, direction Monze.

7.   ART ORGANISATIONS in historical order
1.   Lusaka Art Society. Established 1947, dissolved in 1974. First artists' organisation in what then was Northern Rhodesia. Organised annual exhibition.
2. Government Department of Cultural Services, formed after independence in 1964. Art involvement much delegated to the Art Centre  Foundation. Supported build up of National Collection.
2.   Art Centre Foundation. Established 1969. Government funded. Successor of the Lusaka Art Society. Was a major promoter of the visual arts till the end of the seventies. Formally still alive but dormant.
3.   Lusaka Artists Group. Established in 1976 by a group of mostly self-styled artists. Prominent members were David Chibwe , Fakson Kulya, Style Kunda, Patrick Mweemba and Bert Witkamp. The group operated from a workshop at the Evelyn Hone College. In 1978 the LAG was succeeded by the Zambia Artists Association. Workshop and organisation collapsed in 1981 after departure of Bert Witkamp.
4. Arts and Crafts Association of Zambia, Twapia township, members mostly shifted to VAC Copperbelt branch. Current status unknown.
5.   National Visual Art Council (VAC). Established 1989, situated at Henry Tayali Art Centre, Showgrounds, Lusaka. Nationwide organisation by artists for artists.
6.   Rockston Studio. Located at Woodlands, Lusaka. Has office, exhibition space, outdoor sculpture garden. Associated with some of Zambia’s most prominent artists. Now defunct.