03 August, 2011

Zambian Musician Enock Mbongwe in Albert Hall

Below text of e-mail message to THE POST.
Enock Mbongwe, kalumbu player, is probably the only Zambian musician ever to perform in the Albert Hall, London, UK. He did this on Saturday 23 July 2011, on invitation of the BBC.


Enock's trip was organised by Michael Baird, Netherlands based and Zambian born musician, producer and promoter of Zambian music.


Apparently of the papers only the Daily Mail reported about this event, before it was to take place. Perhaps you may wish to inform your readers after the event that there are traditional musicians who make it on the international stage presenting authentic Zambian music. It also is encouraging to hear that there is more than rap that rolls in Zambian music.

Enock at Albert Hall during sound check.
Photo Michael Baird.

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