22 March, 2011

www.zamart in progress (1)

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Page initiated: 22 Mar 2011

In the previous blog post One Month Down the Line I reported the successful download of the software necessary for website design.

The software I downloaded but installed in an operating manner (that was the real hitch, not the downloading as such) were two programmes called Apache and Drupal.

Apache enables you to see the site you are designing on screen without having to upload it to an Internet server (host). This allows you to work on your site-in-development without having to be online,a necessary operating condition when you work in an environment with poor info transfer speed (Kb/s).

Drupal is another open source software for IT purposes and specifically for website design serving the/a community. It truly is gratifying to note that the immense technological progress in computer and internet technologies has yielded products that are simply for the common good (hopefully, but in any case for common use), without having to purchase, lease or hire; and without conditions imposed on you, the user, which you may not feel happy about.

The availability of such software I would call progress and in the case of our venture it enables the setting up of the zamart website.

We are getting there, bit by bit. I am now working on the main menu – the tabs and associated pages that are at the top of the taxonomical structure that a website has. It mostly is good fun – but tomorrow is dedicated to farming.

The rainy season is coming to an end and this is the last chance to put trees in the ground that can root naturally, without irrigation. I am planting orange, mango, guava, coffee and lychee seedlings plus a few lychee marcots.

In any case this website, I presume, will be up & working way before these trees bear fruit………

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