17 February, 2011

Responses by E-mail & SMS

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page initiated      : 17 February 2011
page last updated: 26 February 2011

Choosa Mweemba, (Lusaka based photographer, graphic designer & video editor) wrote 14.02.11 by e-mail:
I have read through your text on the art museum project. I believe it
is well overdue and now is a good time to embark on such a project as
Zambia is quickly moving into the digital age. More and more telecoms
companies are pushing for faster, more reliable and more affordable
connectivity options.
I am ready to help in whatever capacity my skills can be beneficial to
the project. Feel free to contact me for anything.

You can talk to Chosa Mweemba at: <chosa@fiahlink.com>
and see some of his work at: http://chosamweemba.blogspot.com

Ivo Herzig, Kalomo based IT expert, e-mailed 15.02.11:

I just speed-read the draft, and I think its a very interesting project. I'm not at all an
expert on art/art scene, but I think it is a very interesting topic.

Elisha Zulu, Lusaka based artist, emailed 23.02.11:
Thanks mr witkamp for your email. This too is a brilliant idea. I will read through and make my observations. Pls keep in touch

Flexon Mizinga, Historian and Executive Secretary of the National Museum Board e-mailed 24.02.11:
I have read your write up and the blog regarding the Virtue Museum of Art. This is an inovative idea which should be supported by all those interested in heritage management and interpretation.
I invite colleagues to post comments on this inovation. I know this is a new concept but this world is moving fast technogically and we need to catch up.
Keep it up Bert.

Patrick Mweemba, Choma based artist, e-mailed 25.02.11:
Bravo man bravo. We will support the website museum all the way. It
sounds a new idea but also   a viable project. Patrick Mweemba.