13 December, 2012

Choma Museum X-mass Arts & Crafts Exhibition (2)

The 2012 X-mass exhibition of Arts and Crafts of the Southern Province of Zambia opened December 1st and runs till the end of January 2013. The previous post reported the opening of the exhibition; this sequel is about the art work on display.

 Agnes Mbuya Yombwe (left) submitted intriguing wall hangings made out of painted seed pods and rope; connection tradition with contemporary expression.

Her husband Lawrence Yombwe (right) put up a series of miniature paintings. The imagery is stylized, simultaneously real and unreal, creating a sensation of the of the surrealistic and mystical.

Agnes and Lawrence’s work can be seen at their Wayi Wayi Art Gallery at Livingstone, where they also live.

Patrick Mweemba (left) displays his graphic work (lino cuts) and a wood sculpture. His work can be seen at the gallery section of the Tazimani Crafts Centre located about 12 km out of Choma towards Lusaka on the Great North Road. Patrick’s company is Chisungu Graphics. He lives at a farm in nearby Harmony Settlement. Much of his work is inspired by daily life scenes.

Simon Chungu (right) is a Choma resident. He is mostly known for his textile collages, some of which are remarkably evocative. At this exhibition he also shows two dimensional imagery of beadwork.

Sylvia Mwambo (left) is a painter living in Livingstone, currently quite busy with her newborn child and her work at the provincial office of cultural services. This one of her best known paintings.

Bert Witkamp (right) shows a number of mostly older linocuts and new colour pencil drawings. Bert lives at Choma where he also has his office and studio. 
He and his wife Nchimunya own and manage their company Zamfactor Ltd.

Peter Gustavus shows his well known brightly coloured narrative imagery that, so he wishes, needs to be interrogated by the viewer. The viewer thus needs to be provoked into actual sight-seeing. Imagery, he believes, is not just for the eye; it also is food for thought.
Peter and his wife Namo operate Shazula Cultural Forum, which since Sunday December 9, 2012 also has a home art gallery.

The Kalcho group of artists are water colourists, all women; some are good amateurs, others have become professionals and sell work nationwide. Kalcho derives from Kalomo and Choma, the districts in which the members of the group live. The group mostly paints landscapes and wild life scenes. 
On the photo: Agnes Mbuya Yombwe taking in the imagery.

The exhibition runs through December 2012 and February 2013. The Choma Museum is open daily from 0.900 to 17.00 hrs.

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