31 March, 2011

Registration done

It, at times, is difficult to know where you are in the internet business. If you want to have a website you need three things.

1. You need a webhost; that is, a company that puts your site up into the Internet.
2. You need to have a domain registered - this simply is the name of the site including the extension following the name. That, the extension, is the .com, or .org, or whatever dot is out there, on the market.
3. You agree on what could be called internet space, or the kind of volume you are going to use. The more you want, the more you pay. Since we are starters we do not want all that much.

I think we have 1, 2 & 3; and if I understand the conversations with the provider right I could put up a website - if only I knew how to do it.

Reminds me faintly of learning how to drive a car - in my case that happened about 35 years ago, when, I returning direction Lusaka having visited one at that time famous roadside tavern in the Chongwe area, had to take the wheel as the owner of the vehicle had passed out in blissful sleep. I am not advising anything of the sort to save money on car driving instructors.

That was a sideline.

The domain registration has been confirmed and the other stuff I only believe once I have been billed for it.

I opted for an Nl (=Netherlands) hosting company as for me its easy when it comes to bills, and there is a lot of experience in the Nl's on these services, and I speak their language; and they, or that company, being Dutch, are not going to run away from their responsibilities, provided you have paid. The last part of that sentence makes the billing issue so important to me. If I pay they have to perform some service, as arranged by contract. If I am not billed, and if billed have not paid, then there is no right to the desired service.

A nice company does some of the stuff upfront for you, in good trust; good trust meaning that it is assumed that you are a bona fide entity, and are going to do your thing as you should.

I have to leave this topic here - food is ready - but there are very interesting remarks to be made on this topic. Truly, to do business in the absense of some degree of justifiable trust is awkward, if not impossible.

To finish this of, the domain name has been confirmed and indeed it is http://www.zamart.org/

Up some time in April, I hope.

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